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Barbara Morrison ('Babs') RIP Back

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We are all devastated by the news of the death of our very dear friend and colleague Barbara Morrison, who died of cancer on Tuesday.

It's incredibly difficult to beleive that Babs has gone from our lives - we miss her so much, and always will. She will always be with us in spirit, and we will always remember and love her.

A remarkably dignified person, she joined Cocoa Mountain in 2006 and immediately became far more than a colleague or even a friend to James and I, bringing her unique warmth and generosity, her loyal friendship, and her wonderful sense of fun. All our visitors, friends and family, fell totally in love with her. 

She always enjoyed working with us, she enjoyed the 'craic', and was proud to be part of our team - 'Durness really needs something like Cocoa Mountain' she'd say in the early days - and her attitude made every day enjoyable. She loved music - even the trashy Radio 1 tunes we listened to while working, and her eyes always sparkled with joy to see us dancing, singing and being generally silly. Her smile was absolutely radiant.

We always valued her dedication and she was always, always there for us in a crisis. I remember one really miserable new years day morning: After the craziness that is Christmas at Cocoa Mountain, when James and I realised we had no food in the house and everywhere was (of course) closed, and at 10am hearing a gentle knock on the house door - it was Babs asking if we had any use for a leg of lamb.

We have known Barbara for only a short few years. Far too few. We can only imagine the awful pain that her family must be suffering at this time, and we offer our sincerest condolences to them.

Rest in peace Barbara.

Paul, James, and everyone at Cocoa Mountain




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