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About Cocoa Mountain


You are to the chocolate industry what Einstein was to physics

The Company
Paul and James founded Cocoa Mountain in June 2006 with the simple aim to produce the most delicious, fresh, and innovative chocolates on the planet. We are probably the most geographically remote chocolate producer in Europe, and feel that the beauty of our surroundings should be reflected in the quality of our products. We are fortunate to be able to produce a fantastic product that makes people smile and be happy - and as a small but growing team, we all take satisfaction and enjoyment from our daily work!

The Chocolates

Freshness, quality and innovation are words used to describe our chocolate and truffles, which are made using the highest quality chocolate, premium ingredients, and natural flavourings. Our guiding principal is to avoid the use of artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. We make every chocolate by hand.

Our chocolate products are all gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians. We also have products which are suitable for vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant. It is unavoidable that all of our products may contain traces of nuts.

Enjoying our truffles

To enjoy our truffles at their best, we recommend that they be consumed within 10 days of receipt (this usually isn't a problem). Ideally they should be served at room temperature, with coffee, tea, mineral water, whisky, or another good liqueur!

Our Philosophy

As a business, it is important to us that we operate in a manner that is ethical and environmentally responsible: we compost our waste and reuse or recycle our glass and paper waste where possible.  We also use low energy light bulbs and monitor our energy use. Our custom-made chocolate box is made from recycled card and we recommend that our customers reuse or recycle it. We supply to our customers fair trade organic coffee and organic tea.

We aim to use as many organic ingredients as possible and source local produce when available, and are members of the North-West Sutherland Food-Link, a local food producer's initiative. We are pleased to support our local community whenever possible, as in the picture (Right) of a recent school visit from Kinlochbervie High School's 'XL Club'

What our Customers Say about our Truffles!

Here is a selection of customer comments about our chocolates. Please feel free to sample our chocolate.and contact us with any comments or suggestions of your own!

The truffles are amazing - everyone should try them.
Wow excellent chocs! Especially the lime one!!...The best rum and raisin I have ever had.
Chocolate with chilli and lemongrass - who would have thought that such a combination would be so superb. Top marks!
I'm reluctant to give away the truffles!
The raspberry truffle is just gorgeous! So fresh! Now I know what makes a truffle a "truffle"!
Top chocolates, long live the chilli and lemongrass.
Tip 1: mint truffle Tip 2: white chocolate with chilli, coconut & lemongrass.
Your truffles are scrumptious.Inspired truffles.Excellent
Hazelnut milk, and lemongrass mmm.
I sold my soul for the Blueberry chocolate.
The most inventive combination of ingredients in a truffle. Absolutely divine!
The truffles are to be tasted to be believed!
French truffles - amazing.
We loved the rum & raisin truffle very much.
The orange truffle is great.
Excellent chilli & lemongrass - what a lovely surprise.

Contact Us

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